The Last Tiger

“You will be hooked from the first page”

If you’re like me, you regard some of your favorite books as old friends, to be revisited at regular intervals. I have several that I return to at least once a year, to be reread and savored once again. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover a book, written by one of my oldest friends.

I first met Mike Winlaw in the spring of 1966. I had been offered my own musical variety show with the Dave Robbins big band on the CBC radio network. On the first day in the studio, the producer, Dave Bird, introduced me to a young staff announcer who was to work with me over the next several years. His name was Mike Winlaw.
Mike and I became friends almost immediately. We worked side by side at CBC, we played hockey together (Mike was a great hockey player, I was the guy skating on his ankles.) We played softball together, interviewed celebrities together, skied together, and on at least one occasion, staggered out of a pub together at closing time. Although our career paths eventually took us down different roads, we remained friends over the years.

It was therefore with the greatest sadness and sense of loss that I learned of Mike’s passing last year. Mike was taken far too soon, but he has left us with this absolutely absorbing cautionary tale. You will be hooked from the first page.

Miles Ramsay